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3YS Hand Labeller

1ys hand labellerQuick operation and flexible print size.

  • Three liner version of the 2Y hand labeller.

  • Four models are available as follows 3YS, 3YW, 3YK & 3YL.

  • You can use not only plain label but also pre-printed labels.

  • Body Color: Blue, Yellow or Black

  • Maximum number of character per line: 11 digits.

  • Ink rollers available in Black, & Red

  • Labels size: 3YS (30x18mm), 3YW (30x22.5mm), 3YK (30x27mm) & 3YL (30x36mm)


1js printing band2-5 printing bands10 digs printing bands

Printing Band Layout sample:

3Y-11-9 / 3Y-11-23 / 3Y-11 (left to right)


Imprint samples:


1js print sample


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