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We will keep on creating useful product to the society.


We have three core business. They are labels, labelling machines and portable bar code printers.

  • Labels are affixed to various items sold at supermarkets.

  • Our labelling machines are used to apply labels to items easily and speedily at hand.

  • Our portable bar code printers are widely used to print bar code labels, mark down labels and etc.

In Japan users in the distribution sector including major supermarkets are using our products. We are proud that our products are highly appreciated by our customers.


Here in the Philippines, Shinsei Industries Philippines, Inc. started its operation in May 1995 with a dozen of employees and manufacturing only one model of labelling machine exported only to Japan. Today, after 16 years, SIPI is manufacturing seven models of labelling machines, two electronic markers, two label applicators and six bar code printers exported to as many as fifty (50) countries all over the world.


DIPO Inkjet Printer Series

dipo printer