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DP-2 / Davinci Mobile Bar code Printer

Small, Smart and Speedy. Ideal for any business on the move! 1ys hand labeller

  • Compact, lightweight design allows for comfortable use.

  • Labels are issued with Bluetooth compatible wireless communications.

  • High speed printing of up to 100mm per second.

  • Labels can be issued either in tear-off or peel-off mode.

  • Maximum label width: 48mm

  • Barcode type supported: All linear and 2D bar code like QR code, RSS, PDF417, etc.

  • Interface: RS232C, Bluetooth

  • Type approved by the NTC.

Application (from left to right): Shipment tag (Shinsei Japan), PCOS stripping tag (Smartmatic/COMELEC), Tester board tag (ON Semiconductor), Inventory tag (CSF), Inventory tag (SIPI)


DP2 Shipment Tag DP2 Printout PCOS DP2 printour On Semiconductor DP2 Inventory Tag Inventory tag

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